"I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for your parents night out program. I have to admit that I so worry about my son in these type of settings. But when I picked up the kids on Saturday, they were both so happy and giggly (ok, maybe the sugar) but my daughter was able to tell me what a great time she had with Alicia and she wants to go again. I haven't seen my kids so happy and laughing for so long after an event in such a long time. Melted my heart. My son's counselor was Carolyn and she said Vinnie was so easy and he's so happy. Wow!!! Just those words are a breath of fresh air. All I ever hear is how much work he is and negative things he does. Hence why I never get out much. Thank you again for such a great program. I actually was able to eat some adult food and relax. And it was great to see all of the smiling familiar faces from Camp I Am. Thank you all and God Bless!!"
----- Cindy

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