SCD Diet

Every child has a different combination of biomedical, dietary and behavioral intervention. A newer intervention is the SPECIFIC CARBOHYDRATE DIET (SCD).

SCD proposes specific carbohydrates. This diet includes low sugar (and specific sugar) resources, no yeast products or by-products. Specific foods are to be completely avoided – which is very similar to other dietary interventions. This is due to many Autism Spectrum disorder children having tremendous yeast, parasite, gut issues and intolerances. Any amount of yeast, refined sugars, or high carbohydrates can greatly affect some children in a very negative way and throw the child out of balance.

Families with children that have shown little or no improvement on the CFGF diet should consider trying the SCD diet. Many individuals who strictly adhere to the SCD diet for at least 2 years experience intestinal healing to the extent that they are able to resume a normal diet with caution afterwards.

For your research and reading purposes, below are information resources for your review:

Web Sites:

SCD Diet Books:

Breaking the Vicious Cycle - Elaine Gottschall
Lucy's Specific Carbohydrate Diet Cookbook - Lucy Rosset
SCD with Taste and Tradition - Rochel Weiss

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