R&R Respite Program

Executive Summary

Respite care for a family caring for a child with Autism is not a luxury, but a basic need. The unique challenges of caring for a child with Autism are part of a family’s daily life. It’s a demanding and difficult job. Raising a child today with Autism presents many difficult and demanding daily challenges. No one is well equipped to do it alone. The more you nurture and give to yourself, the more you will give to your family. It is acknowledged in the developmental disability community that when a child has a disability, the whole family has a disability. Respite care helps maintain family stability.

How It Works

Families who are registered with FEAT will call FEAT for a reservation. Families do not call Nannies & Housekeepers directly. If they do, they will be directed back to FEAT for permission. This is how we keep track of monthly reservations and keep within the monthly budget.

Families are told that we request at least a five day (or more) notice for respite services.

There is a four hour minimum. If there are more than 2 children, 2 nannies will be sent out.

Occasionally there is an emergency that require less than a 5 day notice, which we will accommodate.


"I am a single mother of two children. I attend college full-time earning my Bachelor’s degree in Special Education. I am at my max mentally and emotionally. Doing this solo isn’t easy and I often feel like I am failing. Thank you for this!"

"I have a 4 year old boy with autism and we haven’t been able to take a break in the past two years?!"

"My husband and I have neglected our relationship advocating for our son. No matter how big or small, we can use the assistance."

"I just found out about the R&R program and I am greatly interested. I normally do not ask for any help, but when I read about the R & R program, I just know I had to reach out."

"I have a six year old boy with autism and we don’t have any family in Las Vegas. Thank you!"


Our mission is to provide information on treatment resources for families with children diagnosed with autism, autism spectrum disorder (ASD), and related disorders.




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